Research &Services

Research & Services

Management consulting, strategic research, big data & media analytics, API dev, virtual & augmented reality, energy futures, information risk management, capture consulting, competitive analysis, asset acquisition.

At the core of Pacific’s private client business is custom research and analysis. We help clients create value and drive growth, broaden markets, improve operational efficiencies, meet sustainability and social responsibility goals, leverage and expand technical competencies, enhance working capital, architect organizational change, speed scale to businesses, improve cash advantage and better realize ROI.

Strategic Decision Making & Management Support. Through our industry-centered approach we help clients drive growth, improve business operations and manage risk by focusing on sustained, measurable results. Our teams work with business stakeholders to solve their toughest challenges through applied innovation – backed by a network of global resources, deep strategic alliances, and full-spectrum delivery across strategy, implementation, management and operations.

Federal Government Services. We specialize in strategic business development through focused opportunity analysis, marketing, capture and competitive proposal development. We place a strong emphasis on strategy, competitive intelligence and customer postured solutions. Our teams have a track record for achieving high return on investment for business development, capture and proposal efforts. Pacific uses strategic due diligence and competitive intelligence to improve client win ratios and increase favorable corporate visibility with agencies and potential teaming partners.

Energy & Sustainability. We help clients create sustainability strategies that leverage technology innovation and adhere to corporate best practices. Pacific has extensive energy and resources management experience in both the private and public sectors. Focus areas include cleantch, smart grid, intelligent buildings and building controls, sustainability support centers and energy security.

Technology, Analytics, Data. Our team helps clients rethink how they architect, deploy and manage technology. We work to help accelerate business performance through technology transformation, enterprise intelligence, enabling technologies and technology risk and security. Our research & analysis capabilities enable our clients to identify new opportunities, build / refine their pipelines, better understand the market, customer, and competitive environment for better decision-making. Support for big data and media analytics focuses on data sets within the energy, legal, financial, health care and media sectors. We utilize a host of conventional and proprietary tools, analyzing diverse data and information streams in every conceivable medium.

We don't control the business you're in. We help you find solutions to the challenges you face - become more competitive, effective, productive.

Focus Areas

Strategic & Management Support

  • Analytics | Business Process Management | Global Market Development | Strategy & Competitive Analysis | Policy & Analysis Consulting | Finance & Enterprise Performance | Sustainability | Corporate Social Responsibility | Technology Innovation

Federal Government Services

  • Strategic business development | Managing risk and opportunity | Custom research & analysis | Pipeline refinement & capture strategies | Energy / sustainability / clean tech| Acquisition & procurement support

Energy & Sustainability

  • Sustainability | Renewable & Clean Energy | Clean Tech | Smart Grid | Sustainability | Corporate Social Responsibility | Integrated Energy Management Solutions | Smart Buildings & Building Control Systems

Technology, Analytics, Data

  • Data Analytics | Computer Vision | Machine Learning | Global Market Development | Technology Innovation | Custom Hardware / Software | Policy & Analysis Consulting | Finance & Enterprise Performance
  • Visual & Military Simulation | Augmented Reality | Data Sonification & Spatialization

Customers & Clients

Partial List

  • Raytheon | G4S/WSI | G4S Government | NCMS | Lockheed | Boeing | BAE | 3M | SAIC | GE | CSC | EyeMarker | Chenega | CSPS | ARTI | Intecon | DRS | Turner Broadcast | Sony | United Defense | United Technologies | IBM | HP | SGI | Sun | Digital | Compaq | UMBC
  • Department of Defense (DoD) | various agencies within the intelligence community | Department of Homeland Security (DHS) | NAVFAC | U.S. Navy, U.S. Army - ARL | Naval Research Laboratories ENEWS | Naval Surface Warfare Center | NIST | Sandia National Laboratories | Maryland Department of Telecommunications | University of Michigan | George Mason University

Our Approach

“Develop customer-centric strategies, leverage corporate best practices, offer win-win solutions. Build profitable opportunity pipelines, leverage competitive intelligence & strategic research, and improve business development effectiveness. Blending vision with opportunity. Supporting an entrepreneurial environment. Focusing on near-term wins and long-term customer relationships.”

Speeding scale to business through technology innovation.